I finally got around to seeing “Hello Dolly” during their closing week. For those of you who don’t know, or don’t remember, this is the show I was cast in, but had to turn it down due to my surgery. (stupid ovarian cyst!!)

Anyways, I took Brandy to see the show and it was delightful. Everyone in the cast was great, I had only the tiniest complaint, which is very good considering how picky I am.

(For those of you who must know, it was that Cornelius kept sliding to his notes, turning his classical, musical comedy songs into pop songs. This drives me crazy!! But it wasn’t that bad, and I didn’t let it ruin the show for me)

All in all the show was well cast, Dolly was great, the show excellently staged. I had never been to the Glendale Centre Theatre before. It’s a very small, theatre in the round. Almost like a blackbox. I was curious to see how they would stage a musical in the round, with virtually no set. But Mark, the director, did an excellent job.

On Sunday I went to the Alex to see “The Keeper’s of the Night” a brand new opera by Peter Ash. It was performed in conjunction with the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus, starring Lynette Tapia, Malcolm MacKenzie Suzanna Guzman, and Lauren Libaw. The story is set in Midsummer, in the forest. The Annual Nocturnal Bird Song Contest is about to begin. Ozalid the Owl is set to be the judge, and the audience, made up of bats, mosquitoes, frogs and fireflies, will watch. Mischief entails, when the Moon, takes revenge upon the Owl, who rejects her love.

All in all it was a wonderful Opera. Very funny with a little bit of political allegory thrown in. The singers even make fun of themselves, with commentary about which is better, tonal or atonal music.

The 4 adults in this were awesome. Lynete Tapia’s coloratura is ridiculous! Malcolm MacKenzie’s Owl was wonderful; his characterization was hilarious. The children’s chorus was great too. Just the fact that you can have 65 children singing in beautiful harmony was worth it for me. Now for the lead children.

To get into the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus you have to audition and be able to sing in two languages. So, imagine my surprise when one of the lead boys, (a teenager, not a child) wasn’t even singing! He was speech/singing, which is not cool when watching an opera.  And the level of technique for the some of the teenage girls was not as good as I expected it to be.  Most of the children were fabulous; one of the boy sopranos had the most beautiful, bell-like quality. And all the other children were pretty impressive. And not one of them miked!

If you ever get a chance to see this opera, you should. Very enjoyable. 4 stars! 😉