Phew!! I couldn’t bare it if Hok was kicked of the show. Hok rocks!!


Here are two of the layouts that I finished on Tuesday night. The third one needs some final touches and I just don’t have the energy to do that tonight.

The first one is of my nephew Kyle and James’s little cousin Kenny at the wedding. These are some of the wonderful photos I got developed from my disposables; as you can see, they had a blast at the wedding.


This one is another picture of Lea at her wedding. She just looks so happy, doesn’t she? Like she doesn’t mind at all that there were 1000 other uninvited guests. But then again, she’s not like that. I think she knows how much we love her and wanted to share in her lovely day. (And plus, if you don’t want people to come, don’t have it in a public venue) Dig the title? hahaha


And look at this!!


My sister nominated me! How sweet. Thank you!!! So I will tag Irene, Glenda, Aimee, Morgan and Janet!