“where do you see yourself in the future of this position?”


how do you answer this question if you don’t really care about the position?  I mean I-gotta-have-this-job-or-I-will-die kind of care. How do you tell a future employer that you are just applying for this position so that you can get the hell out of your current job? Why do employers make the most menial jobs seem like they are so important? “You are going to be filing and answering the phones, young lady. So tell me where you see your future in this position?” Umm, how about, promoted? Because I will file the shit out of your paperwork and I will answer all your phones so fast your head will spin?

Do they really expect you to want to be content in a position like that? They have to know that you are just trying to get your foot in the door so that you can move up and move along and network and meet knew people and learn new things…..

And what’s with interview questions? Is it just me or they are impossible to answer.

Anyojne have a good answer to the question above? Maybe I’ll send some goodies out to whoever gives me the best answer. I’ll use it on my next interview. tee hee

keep your fingers crossed that I get the job 😉