I went back to work today. It was like the end of summer vacation, when you just dread going back to school. The end of wasteful days, and the beginning of Bed Time and Work.

I got there today and it was like I had never been gone. I parked in the same place, the same security guard was there to greet me, and the same coworkers. HR didn’t have it on record that I was coming back today, so I didn’t get into my computer until about 1:30. So, I spent the whole day chatting and saying hello. While I was waiting to get in, I packaged some docs and I had to ask about 3 questions because I just plain forgot how to do my job! But eventually it all started flooding back. And when I logged into our system, it was like riding a bicycle. You never forget (even if you want to)

But luckily I only have to work tomorrow and then I have Wednesday off (my birthday!!) Still don’t know what we are going to do. Am I too old to want presents? What’s the cutoff age for getting presents from your friends & family?

I came home today to a sweltering 90 degress inside. We’ve finally gotten it down to 88 so that’s a big improvement. Going to be a hot summer.

Today James and I made a cat bed for our cats! We have a built in bookshelf that they are always lounging on top of, so we added a rim and I made a little flannel pillow to fit inside it. They LOVE it! Artemis actually pushed Apollo off when he started to climb up.


I finally finished the layout I started at my sister’s house. The pictures are from a loooong time ago. Broadway fans and/or Filipinos will appreciate this: My friend, Rachel, and I crashed Lea Salonga’s wedding back in 2004 (I think) It was at the Cathedral downtown and me and about 1000 other Flips participated. It was a lovely ceremony. Her dress!!! Oh my god! The most gorgeous gown I had ever seen. Monique Lhuillier . It was my inspiration for my own wedding dress. But $6000 less. ha!