Yes, I crashed the computer. I let a huge virus in and James spent over 12 hours fixing and cleaning and doing whatever you do to get rid of viruses. I felt so horrible. But it wasn’t really my fault!! I was just deleting 90+ emails I get to one of my email accounts. (I read them on Thunderbird; it splits the screen so that it opens the email automatically.) Well, I was just going down the line deleting them and what do I get for my hard work? Twelve hours of James cursing at the computer (“mother f*cker!”) sorry, James!!!

I’ve been busy watching all 6 seasons of Sex & the City. I don’t have cable, so I’ve never seen the show, never been into it. But my sister put it on for us when we were scrappin at her house and she leant me all the dvds. I am now on season four where Carrie just said yes to Aidan!!! Can I just say that I love Aidan??!? When she cheated on him last season, I hated Carrie. I keep telling Aidan to get out while he still can… he’s only going to get his heart broken. sigh And I love Steve! He’s such a cutie!

This is my last week. It’s gotten to the point where it feels like summer vacation – I don’t know what day it is, I sleep to late. All I want to know is, what happened to summer vacation? Why do kids get it and we don’t? Is that the big difference between adults and kids?

I got so much done at Michelle’s house last week. I made my ATC’s and two layouts. Here is one of them, the other one is not finished quite yet.

It’s a picture my assistant took of me at work. It’s funny, everyone always talks about how they never do layouts about themselves. I was just going thru my books and I’ve found a TON of layouts about myself. Maybe because James is always taking pictures of me? Or is it because I just am feeling so much about myself, all my fears and worries or whatnot and they all come out on the scrapbook pages. Or maybe I’m just vain?


I gotta get back to my show!