Hardly, but tonight James taught me and my sister some tricks & tips in Photoshop.Ā  He’s so talented šŸ™‚ You know us scrapbookers are all into photography and photo editing.

Look at what I can do now:
here’s a pic of Stonehenge my dad took on a trip to Europe recently:

and here’s the new picture:


here’s another pic my dad took. This one is the flat of our cousins:


and after their home makeover:


here’s my nephew (can you see the trend? We’ve improved all of my dad’s photos! JK)



He taught us so many tricks! How to do vignettes, how to change photos into b&w, how to accentuate the catchlight in a person’s eyes, color correction. James, is there anything you can’t do? So much fun, and now I can edit my own photos without having to call him at work to ask him how to do something. Well, maybe….