Finally got around to scrapbooking the other day. I usually create a lot of stuff and then I have to stop. I guess my creativity burns up pretty quickly. That’s how I am with knitting too. I finish one project and stop for a long time. It just takes so much out of me! I do not have a never-ending flow of ideas.

But I got three pages done and I’m working on a mini album. I developed a TON of film last week. You will not even believe this. Some of this film was from my last semester of college! That’s right, back in 2001. So the quality of the films not so good, but whatever!

This one is my “little sis”, Coco, on Initiation Night. SAI girls, am I going to get busted for showing this? Haha… I swear there are no rituals showing!


This one is from the Wedding. These are the Clarks, James’s godparents and their kids. I just absolutely love them! They hadn’t seen James since he was a kid and I had never met them before, but they just jumped right in and helped *so* much!


And look at what I got in the mail from Wilna? Remember how I said that I won her RAK for the Scrap in Style opening? Well, I thought I was just winning the new Show & Tell book from Making Memories, but I got so much more! I was so shocked. Thank you Wilna!! Look at all the MM goodies!


I I decided to scraplift one of Wilna’s pages that I love so much. Her work is so artistic and I had so much fun making this, that I think I’m going to be using more paints on my layouts.


This is Irene and me at the music center. Again, a picture from 2001 – I can’t even remember what show we were seeing.

Thanks ladies for the much needed well wishes from my last post. I know I was ranting like a mad person, but that’s what happens at 5am! 🙂 Since that post, I have gotten back to more normal sleeping hours (I can finally lay on my stomach again! Yay!)