Happy 1st day of June! This week, we’re going to have a theme–fictional characters 🙂 So fill in the blanks with them; please do refrain from using your husband/ wife/other non-fictional character!

1. I wouldn’t toss Jonathan Ryhs Meyers out of bed!
2. Borat has no appeal for me whatsoever.
3. A good dream would involve me  and Legolas; we would save Middle Earth (if you know what I mean).
4. The sexiest man or woman in the movies is Batman (Christian Bale); the sexiest man or woman on tv is Tommy Donnelly (from the Black Donnellys)
5. Spike from Buffy portrays a wicked villian.
6. Me and Mr Darcy (Colin Firth) would make a great couple.
7. TGIF! Tonight I’m playing Sims2, tomorrow my plans include playing Sims2 and Sunday, I’ll probably play Sims2!

For those of you who want to play along, visit Janet