This will most likely be my last post this week: I am going into surgery on Thursday afternoon. I’m not worried about the actual procedure; I’m confident in my doctor. But I don’t like the idea that I’m going to be cut into, that I’m going to have subcutaneous stitches, that I’ll be in pain, that I will have to be in bed for three weeks….. Yikes! Get a grip, Leslie

Anywhoo, James will be there. That’s all that matters. And my parents are coming into town. How sweet!

So, I will leave you all with a layout I did this weekend. Karen is challenging us scrapbookers to make a layout about ourselves, so I am submitting this one! But I’m not really happy with it. I got lazy at the end and kinda threw it together (not a method that I would recommend) My sister picked up my copy of Elsie Flannigan’s challenge book and told me to do # 42 -create a stylish photo frame. This is a picture of me on my honeymoon, which was and will be the only time you will find me in a bathing suit!


You’ll never guess what I am listening to now: The Rosslyn Chapel Motet! This man named Thomas Mitchell deciphered an ancient pattern on the walls of Rosslyn Chapel and discovered that it made a motet! So cool!

Well, folks. I am signing off for the next few days. Wish me a speedy recovery!