If anyone of you have noticed, I have a website called 3rd Octave on my links. 3rd Octave is an Online Magazine that my husband started that’s dedicated to the Los Angeles (and surrounding areas) Sound Industry. He just printed an article about Coachella and it is great!

What is a 3rd Octave, you may ask? Let’s see if I got this right… a 3rd octave is a piece of audio gear that enables you to splice the frequency range into 1/3rds. (Make any sense? Me either! Why you would want to break it into thirds is beyond me. Audio stuff is so way over my head. Just give me some paper and glue, and I’ll be happy, thanks!)

So if you are interested in Sound and Audio, check it out! It’s a great mag, with articles about all the goings on in LA and new technology that is being implemented. Check it out!