Finally got my rolodex cards done for SOML. We’re swapping cards with our picture, name, forum name and location. These were really fun and I love how they turned out. Can’t wait to see everyone else’s.


it’s strange looking at a pile of pictures of myself!


in other news, here’s a gem of a picture I took when Heathyr, Glenda and I went to Knott’s yesterday. (the Trio, as I will now refer us as). Glenda teaches middle school band and Heathyr and I accompanied her as “Chaperones” to her students. I was ready to bask in the authority that was roll call, but her kids were far too well behaved. No one was late, no one acted up, and The Trio departed to ride the Silver Bullet. I was not amused with that ride by the way! Other than the near puking experience, I had a fun time – we have agreed that we will meet up once a month. Next month is the SAI reunion. Yikes!


To finish off with another example of my stellar photo taking (I hate worrying about those pesky little details like, exposure and framing), I will leave you with Artemis and her exquisite demonstration of a “catloaf”. Isn’t she cute?!