I was tagged by Aimee to list 10 weird things about myself. I think I did this earlier, but I’ll try to find 10 more weird things

Why do I love being tagged?

1. I am allergic to the sun

2. I think my feet are shrinking. In high school I wore a 7 1/2, but now most of my shoes are 6 1/2

3. I read romance novels and I’m ashamed to admit that I like them. (now I have to qualify this, by saying that I don’t read harlequinn romances or anything like that, but I do love me some Nora Roberts… and Jennifer Crusie… and… never mind)

4. My apartment doesn’t have air conditioning. Every summer it gets to be about 90 degrees inside.

5. I have scoliosis. I wore a back brace for about 5 years.

6. James and I are tea snobs. We probably have about 15 boxes of tea in the cupboard

7. My moods are in direct correlation with how clean the apartment is

8. I have been listening to The Secret on cd, and I can tell you that it works!

9. I had James buy me the Nancy Drew computer games. I love being the girl detective! (and no, I am NOT going to see the movie. very upset about this whole thing)

10. I think people should blog everyday! It’s no fun, when your blog surfing and no one’s updated their blogs.

Phew! Let’s see. there’s not that many people to tag who haven’t done this already, but just for sh*ts and giggles..

Michelle, Glenda, Irene, Ericka, Gigi. Be good sports, ladies