hello-dolly.jpgI wasn’t going to say anything about it until afterwards, but what the hell. I am auditioning for “Hello, Dolly” on Monday night. It’s been a long time since my last audition (about 5 years) but I have decided that I have to put myself out there. I am going in there with the expectation to just do my best. I am not going to be nervous. Well, maybe a little. ok. alot But it’s time.

So, I have about three days to get a song together. My dance teacher is the director of the show and I told him tonight that I was going to audition. He was excited. But he’s the nicest person on the face of the earth, so who knows what that means.

If you are reading this, say a prayer that I will do okay. I am not needing to get into the show, I just want to say that I did my best. It’s strange, singing is my strongest point, but I would rather dance than sing for people. I get so nervous! But, I’m doing it. It’s too late to back out because I signed up, so, wish me luck!!