James took me out on Friday night to celebrate our 6 month anniversary. We went to the Blue Velvet, a new swanky restaurant downtown. I, of course, was hesitant to go, but he convinced me it would be okay. And it was. I had a wonderful time.


This place is really nice. It’s in a part of town that is being redeveloped. If you drove by it, you would never guess that the building was newly renovated lofts and this hip restaurant. There’s an outdoor pool with a fire rimmed lounge. There’s a great view of downtown. Inside they have a unisex bathroom where the center is this huge bonzai sculpture surrounded by sinks. The water comes down from these tubes above.

But for all the hip atmosphere, the food was the best part. We had the most delicious food ever. Wonderful gourmet foods, with exotic flavors. I ordered poached monkfish, and our waiter brought me a glass of chardonnay. I am not a fan of wine, but this wine was the best I’ve ever had. And for dessert, I had a beet cake with goat cheese ice cream, while James had a pear infused with saffron and rhubarb with saffron and lime ice cream. It’s pricey, but totally worth it. And everyone there was really nice. It wasn’t at all what I expected it to be.

All in all a wonderful anniversary. Six months! I think for our 1 year we will do something simple. Like eat at the Greek Taverna on Normandie and Olympic.