apollo-at-window.jpgApollo and I are enjoying the morning light. It’s early for me to be up on a Saturday; I usually reserve this time for work days, but the Gas Guy is coming today between the hours of 7am and 8pm. With my luck, I ‘ll be sitting here waiting all day and he won’t show up until 7:45.

But it’s really nice in the mornings. During the week I am racing to get ready and be to work on time, so I never get to sit and absorb. -+I hear all kinds of birds chirping and singing. There are no kids up, going to school. There’s hardly any cars driving by, which is enough of an incentive to be here right now. It’s so quiet (for the city). This neighborhood is usually overflowing with the sounds of cars, buses and trucks racing down the avenue, teenagers yelling obscenities. Ugh, the city. But if I close my eyes I can pretend that I am in a quiet countryside, by the lake. Only for a short while, until someone’s car alarm goes off.