and I can say that because I’m married to one.

James and I went to the Wiltern on Wednesday night to see Gomez. I had no idea that Ben Kweller was going to open for them, so it was a nice suprise. I’ve never followed BK, don’t own any of his music or anything, but he was very good. His drummer had more stage presence than he did though.

He had all the right things going for him. I don’t know his name, but he was so cute! He had a great smile (he was constantly laughing it up with Ben and the bassist), he had fabulous style (very 70’s but he owned it) and good energy. There were times you could tell he was a little bored with the drum beats, he was literally doing it with his eyes closed, but he was more interesting to watch than BK (who by the way was wearing a captains hat, covering his eyes, over very very shaggy hair)

cute drummer, bad picture


and ben in the moonlight. What did I tell you about the horrible hat?


We met this woman next to us who was adamant that Ben was from Australia. I thought that was pretty strange, considering during the concert he mentioned that he was born in San Francisco and raised in Texas. So when she made a bet with me *for ice cream* I didn’t hesitate. I won of course; she was thinking of Ben Lee. So, what flavor do I want?

Onto Gomez which was so awesome! To say that I am a huge Gomez fan would be a disservice to all the actual Gomez fans, who came wearing Gomez t-shirts and recited all the lyrics to every single song. I felt so strange. I have never gone to a concert where I’ve only known 2 songs. It felt like there was an inside joke between Gomez and the rest of the audience; everyone’s laughing and I’m just smiling, pretending I know what’s going on. It didn’t help that we were on the floor, 2 inches away from them. So when they looked down, everyone is mouthing the words except me, and James. Note to self, buy more Gomez cd’s. And also read up about them (I had no idea they were from England. From the name of their band and the sound of their voices, I would never have guessed that)

These guys are excellent musicians. For those of you who don’t know them, (myself included) Gomez is a british band of 6 members (3 guitars, 1 bass, 1 percussion and 1 drummer). But they all switch! So, one guy started off playing acoustic guitar, then moved to keyboards, then moved to bass. One guitarist moved to percussion and the percussion guy moved to keyboards. It was so awesome. Each one of them is so different from the other it’s a wonder how they all came together.

There’s this older guy playing guitar (as you can see I don’t even know their names, how lame)


the other guitarist has the young, sexy rockstar look to him, and the other guy below


They were amazing. I was totally blown away. I heard they are going to be at Coachella (along with The Frames and Jose Gonzalez). I wonder if James could score us some tickets???