This past weekend was jam packed! I went to Vegas to visit my family. Mostly it was to say goodbye to my Grandmother. She is going back to Denmark tomorrow and I won’t see her again until next year, when we all go back to the Philippines.

I hosted a stampin up party at my sister’s. That was fun. I got to meet most of the ladies of West Coast Trading Post. For pictures see here. The girls are really nice. I met my new best friend, Amber. She and I share a love of Somerset Studios and vintage art. We traded our ATC’s out. Love theme, so very cute. (I have to upload those pics to my flickr)

We played Harry Potter Scene it. I was totally kicking ass, but everyone ganged up on me and I lost like 4 turns in a row. Chris ended up winning. Whatever! (I would just like to put this out there – I rule Harry Potter!! If anyone out there is a big fan and wants to discuss theories, reply to this post so we can chat!)

Then we watched The Descent. That was way creepy. I couldn’t even go to sleep right away because I was so bothered by it. (my dad was really scared by it too; he left during the middle of it to “make coffee”; we found him hiding in the corner later) My dad and I stayed up and watched Elizabethtown. A completely unmemorable movie except for the very ending, when Kirsten Dunst makes this awesome scrapbook for Orlando Bloom. She tells him to go on a road trip by himself from Kentucky back to Oregon. She gives him this “map” which is an album filled with map details, cds, drawings and brochures of all the must see places on his way back. I kept thinking about how awesome that was and I have decided that, since I am always traveling to Las Vegas and back, I should do the same thing. I am very excited about it, because although most people would think the drive from Cali to Vegas is boring, there are many, many little details that string the whole trip together. Of course, this last trip I was driving solo, so I will have to wait until James and I go again and it’s so on!

I forgot the biggest news! When I was in Vegas, my mom and I went to see Barak Obama! Such excitement. It’s so awesome to be able to hear what these candidates have to say before the debates start. Oh man is he ever intelligent and charming and personable. He talks to an audience of 1000 (or more) like he was chatting over tea. He hit all the major points: getting the troops out of Iraq by March, paying teachers more, universal healthcare, global warming (alternative energy). I was really impressed with him. Look at the huge turnout.

barak.jpg barak-2.jpg