So, I have finally gotten around to doing Emily‘s art journal challenge! Phew! I was a week behind, so I am posting #4 and #5.

a symbol you love.

I chose the recycling symbol. I could not get the camera to focus for some reason!!! UGH! So frustrating. The front says “recycle, reduce, reuse”


“recylcing is extremely important to me. it’s one of the simplest things we can do to save the earth”

use some ephemera from your week

this ticket isn’t from this week, but I found it on the floor! It’s a bus ticket from when we were in Greece

this is the layout I did the previous week. it’s a page of some of my favorite things. favorites.jpg

…. and some pictures from Brandy’s birthday party at Tokyo Delves. So much fun! The waiters dress up and do these crazy shows and make everyone do sake bombs. James was such a sweetie – he dropped me off so I wouldn’t have to drink and drive!


And my new favorite thing? My sister brought me to her website and now I can’t get enough. You should check it out.