My new craft room is finished at last! It took a while and there are still some adjustments to be made, but I am really happy with it! It’s going to be so much fun! Here are just a couple of pictures. Many thanks to Ikea!

There is a built in hutch that we used for office supplies and such, so I am slowly moving those things out and putting material and patterns and art supplies in.


I now have tons of floor space. Before, when Brandy would come over, we would have to squeeze ourselves in my old room…

desk.jpg My huge desk! Apollo loves being up here with me.

And some other details



this is where I hang layouts that I want to keep out and atc’s that I get from my group that I really enjoy.

boxes.jpg and how could I forget to show you my ikea boxes. All 5 of them, stained and organized. This is where I keep my ribbon, fibers, ink and miscellaneous items like tags and frames.