I have a tendency to listen to the same cd’s over and over again until they are so ingrained in my head that I will dream songs and wake up with songs in my head and…. well, you get the idea.

I mostly listen to indie rock. James likes to invest in new bands and most of the time I have no idea who I’m listening to, but I enjoy it. Sometimes, though, I just have a need to go back to my roots: musicals. It just feels so good to SING! I grabbed my West Side Story (original broadway cast recording, of course) cd and have been in heaven immersing myself in Tony and Maria.


What is it about this musical that is so… timeless. I mean, the setting is definitely 1957, but the story, the music, the lyrics. They never get old. If you’ve never heard Larry Kert sing “Maria” or “Something’s Comin'”, you’re missing out. His voice is quintessential 1950’s and it’s so beautiful. (it’s a shame his musical theatre career never really thrived) When he sings the line

around the corner, or whistling down the river

oh man, it is so exciting! And of course, there are the famous tritones that foreshadows their fates. And all the brass in the mambo sections.. I could go on and on and on.

I think my favorite part is right before the ballet when Tony convinces Maria to run away

T: I will take you away take you far far away out of here
far far away til the walls and the streets disappear
M: Somewhere there must be a place we can feel we’re free
somewhere there’s got to be someplace for you and for me

totally don’t know if those are the rights lyrics. going off of memory here.

So, I will continue to listen. For those of you who haven’t heard it yet or only know the movie version 😦 you can buy it here. And I will listen and sing until the songs are so embedded in my head I won’t be able to think straight. Then I will retire it back to the shelf and listen to another musical. Say, Jesus Christ Superstar.