Ok, I finished my third card for Emily‘s art journal challenge. I’m having so much fun coming up with interesting things to journal. This week was “I am..” I didn’t want to use a tried and true adjective like “loyal” or “shy” (although those are true). So this week, I am a fuddy duddy.
The back side says, “I don’t like going out. I’d rather stay at home w/ James and our cats. Crafting, watching TV, cleaning, hanging out. That’s my thing”.

This, of course, was prompted because last night I wanted to work on my craft room, but one of James’s friends, Boston, invited us to a party. I was like, “a party?? on a monday night? what the hell?” So we went and stayed out til 2am. I was so tired. But, the point is, even though I threw a fit, I had a great time.

I just don’t like going out. I am a fuddy duddy.