Last night James and I went to the Gig in Hollywood (Out on a Wednesday?! A Worknight!?) I know, I normally would be in bed but I went to see my friend, Eleisha, play. She sounded amazing. She’s a tiny girl but don’t let her size fool you – her voice is powerful. She’s so funny on stage, too, with her little anecdotes (“my cousin Darla moved to LA and joined a cult. Here’s the song I wrote about it”) I have a link to her website on my sidebar. Check her out!

if you are reading this, Eleisha, I have “Jenny’s Still in June” in my head this morning. And I loved your new take on “Changing Tides”. James really liked “Darla” so congrats on the International Songwriting Competition!

Up next, Mary Poppins Sing Along at the El Capitan.  

“Chim chiminey
Chim chiminey
Chim chim cher-ee”