some people suggested that I make this a weekly thing. While I am not sure that I can come up with things about myself every week, I will try to do this every once it a while. It’s super fun!

1. I have lived in 5 states (Nevada, California, Alaska, Ohio, Texas) and 3 countries (USA, Philippines, Austria)
2.I have seen most of Europe and would like to go to visit the East Coast now
3. I have an assistant and his name is Juan. He’s great.
4. I am totally into obsessed with XM comedy channel 150
5. I am a member of SPCALA. I used to volunteer, but now I just donate money.
6. All of our Bridesmaids and Groomsmen were from out of town
7. I have a Tinkerbell piggy bank. I had everyone at work give me their change, and when they were done, I made $26
8. My login name to forums is AE1girl, after my 30 year old Canon AE1.
9. I am going to a Anti-War Rally tonight
10. I do not shop at Walmart. My mother would kill me if I did.