hee hee. I never thought I would one day have 1000 hits! That’s amazing. I love the blogging community. I remember when I first started in October and I called James up after Oranginadreams had 10 hits. Oh, I am so proud – I should have made my art journal about this moment, hahaha

Well, it is really late here. I have a big day tomorrow. I have to go to the DMV to get my new driver’s license. Which means i have to get up early to make myself look respectable since I will have to take a new picture. It’s too bad.. I actually like the picture on my card now.

I made a new layout tonight. After I had painted all my cards for the challenge, I took a picture of my hands because they were covered in paint. I am very sloppy apparently. The journaling says

These Hands…
1 love getting into paint
2 only need one ornament
3 are dry
4 always have ink or pen on them
5 hate manicures
6 love holding James’s

Ok, James didn’t get # 2 which was talking about my wedding ring. Oh well. Good nightthese-hands.jpg