ok, so I promised pictures of all the knitting I’d been finishing up for Christmas. It has taken me forever to get this all up here. And now I am on total posting frenzy tonight! Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the scarf I made for Shirley. It was a pretty little rib knit scarf in chocolate brown. It was the softest yarn, silky tweed.


This is a hat I made for James. He picked out the yarn when we were in Vegas and I quickly made this up. I love knitting in the round! It’s so fast and easy. I remember when I first started knitting and circular needles looked so alien and complicated. I love beanies. Here is a scarf I made for my Lola. She is going back to Denmark next month so I wanted to make something that she would use often and remember me by. It’s bright, like a rainbow, but strong. It’s the softest wool I have ever felt. I did a pretty little basket weave border, then did a basic stockinette stitch.

lolas-scarf.jpglolas-scarf-2.jpg I am going to miss her, but we will be going back to the Philippines in 2008 for her 9oth birthday! Well, I have more pictures to upload, fun stuff from our early Christmas in Vegas. Or as my brother in law calls it, Lesmas. But I am going to have to call it a night and pick this up tomorrow! G’night