not me! I am feeling inspired, despite the fact that I had to get up early and go to work. But it’s quiet here, which allows me spend time blog-hopping. Emily Falconbridge has started this wonderful little art journal on a deck of cards. I am totally going to participate. Very excited. All I need is a deck of cards, and I will be ready to go.
In other very exciting news, James and I were working on ideas for my studio this weekend. He was going to build me a new desk, but my room is so small (8’x11′) that all my ideas weren’t working. So as a joke, James said, “why don’t you use the dining room?” And a flood of hope and excitement poured through; it was too late to take his words back.
Our dining room is actually an office. Since there is only the two of us, we really had no use for a big dining tabe so we took it down a few years back and put in a desk. It’s worked really well. Our apartment is really spacious; there is a little nook that’s part of the living room, right next to the dining rom that we are going to move our “office” into. It’s going to work out so well! That way I am not hanging out by myself in the back of our apartment, and James can use the computer virtually right next to me while I craft into the wee hours. We just have to make a quick (slightly expensive) trip to Ikea and hopefully I’ll be moving in by next week. 🙂

So everything going well, but I must take this time to say, “grrr”. I hate the DMV and Social Security. I have been working for months now to get my name changed, what a freaking hassle. In the grand scheme of things though, it’s totally worth it (I love you James!)

PS. For those of you who are having the Monday Blues, check out this link. It’s the cutest ever!!