I worked on my deck o’ cards for Emily’s weekly challenged as I watched the Buckeyes lose so incredibly badly. Sorry Dad, it just wasn’t our year. Now, I don’t claim to know anything about sports, nor do I claim to be a sports fan, but this defeat was really bad. I felt like maybe I was jinxing them, since I didn’t watch any of their other games and they won all those. Anywhoo, they lost, what else can we say? But on the bright side, I gesso-ed and painted all the cards and I did my first challenge. Actually, I got James to help me (he likes painting). I like painting too, but not in the “look, I’ve made a painting” kind of painting. I’m more of a “let’s use lots of broadstrokes and mix paints to make messy collages” kind of painting. As evidenced heredeck-of-cards.jpg But I feel just awful that Ohio State lost. So, I made my first art journal challenge in honor of them!