Here I am, late again! I figured since I had a little down time at work, I would greet everyone and say Happy New Year’s to you all!!! I admit, I have been super lazy with the blogging. I had been using the time to finish some (way) last minute gifts, knitting up some scarves for some loved ones, which I will post later on. And cleaning. Always with the cleaning.

Another year has come. Last year was a whirlwind. I was trying to review 2006 and all that I had accomplished and the only thing that came to mind was the wedding. Granted, that is no small feat, but… this is going to require some deep thinking. But on to bigger and better things! I have no end of resolutions for this bright new year! 2007 is going to be the Year of Improvement

1. take a sewing class (my sewing is self-taught, so therefore I always have major problems and i would really just like to start from scratch)
2. do something crafty every week (be it scrapbooking, atc’s or whatever)
3. read more of Don Miguel Ruiz
4. practice Tagalog on my new Rosetta Stone program (Thank you James!!!). I will be able to speak it before I go back to the PI in ’08
5. practice piano once a week
6. learn new knitting techniques (would like to get beyond Rib Stitch)
7. volunteer with Tree People
8. CKU Anaheim!!
9. Stop Procrastinating. (Not doing such a good job considering it’s already the 3rd)
10. Find a new job

That’s a lot. But I figure, I have a lot of time on my hands. It’s time to make the most of it