I am in the making-christmas-card mode right now. Thought I would stop and post a few of the ones I have made thus far. Yes, I know, they should have been mailed out already and I haven’t even finished making mine. I have decided that I am going to start all Christmas projects in January. That way I will be ahead of the game. christmas-card-2.jpg

James and I are going to get a tree tomorrow! I am so excited. Last year we decided to be environmental and not buy a live Christmas Tree, only to throw it away. So we bought one of those little potted Trees and put ribbons on her. She’s still alive. In the spring we are going to ask our landlord if we can plant her. So this year I convinced James to buy a fake tree, that way we’ll have it for years on end. Can’t wait to decorate again. I miss that. The kitties will probably have a field day!