James and I went to Steve and Shirley’s house for Thanksgiving. We made some cornbread, but we were late because we were searching all over the city for Martini Bianco. One of James’s friends lied to him and said that you could get it anywhere. But all anyone had was Martini Rosso. Not the same thing, I tell you, but it was good enough. I guess I’ll have to ship it over from Europe…. All that aside, we had a wonderful time with delicious food; Shirley made her wonderful mashed potatoes and Steve made his special yams. Ashley made this delicious Apple Napoleon. Yummy! But what Thankgsiving Day isn’t complete without a shot of Tequila? This is James and Steve having shot # 3 I believe. tequila.jpg We stayed pretty late, watching “Gray’s Anatomy”.obey.jpg
Oh! I wanted to share this shot I took on the way over. It’s a Shepard Fairey poster that was on the side of a building. I love his work, it’s pretty amazing. James and I went to an exhibit of his not too long ago. So I had to take a snapshot when I saw it.

Well, I am working on a new scrapbook. I’ll post when I am finished, which should be tonight, if I can get back to my room.