Phew. I was a machine last night and stayed up til 4am, God know’s why (or how for that matter). After my cleaning frenzy I got two new pages done, finally. The pics are really crappy since it’s nighttime right now, but you get the general idea. The first one is of me and my sisters at my bachelorette party. bachelorette.jpgThat’s me in the middle and Suzanne on my right, Michelle on my left. The second is of my nephew Kyle, when he was throwing a fit. I did some scraplifting on this one from a CK article.kyle.jpgMichelle will probably kill me if I tell the story, but it’s just so funny…. ok here goes. Kyle and his parents were up at the lake, but it was too cold for them to go in. Kyle wanted to go in really bad, but his parents wouldn’t let him. He threw a fit, picked up a stone and said, “this is your heart!” and proceeded to threw the stone into the water. Talk about dramatic. Michelle and Chris just started laughing. I tell everyone that story, it’s so cute! I just love this picture of him so much.