Like I said earlier, I am doing a huge cleaning today. Doing pretty good, but just wanted to take this moment to say goodbye to my wedding. This is all that’s left of it. wedding-box.jpgI packed it all into one box and have put it away. I know what you are thinking, “you got married two months ago and you’re just now putting your wedding stuff away?” Yes, that’s true. I just made all my thank you cards two nights ago. Haven’t written in them or sent them out, but I will.

It’s sad to think that all that hard work, all the hand making of things that myself and others put into, can all fit into one box now. The wedding is really over. Over in a blink of an eye. Everyone always tells you when you are planning your wedding that the day will blow by so fast. And they were right. All those little details I worried over, were they even noticed, appreciated? I was so nervous and busy that whole day, did I even stop to notice them? And I just remembered I have to run and pick up my wedding dress from the cleaners. I am getting it preserved so now I’ll have another box to pack away and say goodbye to my dress too…..