If anyone asked, I would tell them that I hate my job. I have been wanting to quit since I got here, and I am now going on 4 years. Time flies…. I always thought it would be so easy to leave and go somewhere else. But I have tried. Maybe not too hard. I got comfortable. I got paid more. I made friends. When I got my first desk, I said I would not fill it with crap and memorabilia and all that nonsense. But looking around today, I realized that I have done just that. Here are the pictures to prove it. I don’t know how it happened. People at work give me stuff.paris.jpg tiki.jpgWhat better place to display it than at work? Like these right here. paper-boxes.jpgThey are little boxes made out of wrapping paper. They are so cute, so now I have about 8 of them. I have a desk drawer full of stuffed animals! What??? I have more tchotchkes than actual work related stuff. This has got to end, but what do I do with all this stuff? throw it away? How can I throw away my little angel? angel2.jpg Or the caricature someone made of me? I wanted to be so insignificant, that I could just walk out and leave one day. Nothing on my desk to pack up, just go. But I see that I have made my mark. My desk has acquired my personality. People here like me and I have the shit on my desk to prove it. caricature.jpg