I have started a new book “Aunt Bessie’s How to Survive a Day Job While Pursuing the Creative Life”. I can’t seem to make it past the intro without falling asleep. I don’t know if it’s just because I have been so tired lately (it doesn’t help that I have been reading in bed) or because the intro is boring.
Which makes me wonder, what was the last good book I have read? What good books are out there? Does anyone have any suggestions? I try to vary my reading between fiction and motivational to satisfy both needs, but I ‘ll read anything and unfortunately I have been reading A LOT of Nora Roberts lately. Not that there is anything wrong with that (btw, Lifetime is making movies of 4 NR books, see here) but I just need a little more substance sometimes.

I was reading a lot of Jodi Piccoult, but have taken a hiatus because I had to stop crying! Seriously, her books are so sad. If you haven’t read The Pact or My Sister’s Keeper, stop whatever you are doing and read them. But I think I will pick up her newest book sometime in the near future. Or maybe try out Alice Hoffman. Anyone really inspirational, not necesarily in the spiritual sense (although that is ok). Any suggestions?