We have captured the House and are a hair’s breath away from winning the Senate! The people have voted and they have shown their true colors. I have waited so long for this moment. They can’t stop progress in this country, no matter how hard they try. We are ready for change! (well, I have been ready since November 2000, but who’s counting?)

What a party James and I had last night as we watched the news cycle through the numbers over and over again. My favorite woman, Nancy Pelosi is the new speaker of the house! I’ll drink to that! Us Californians no how it’s done.
That being said though, I have a bad feeling about the next few days. We will win the House, of course, and the Senate. But I think that Leiberman, the traitor that he is, will come into the Senate as an Independent and then change his affiliation to Republican, giving the Republicans back the leadership of the Senate, by 1!

I am already mentally preparing my hate letter to his office.

The more I think about it, the more scared I get that something bad will happen. George “Macaca” Allen has lost by 8132 votes and Burns has lost by even less, 3128. There will be recalls for Virginia and Montana. My only problem is that it will take too long. Americans seem to like instant gratification (the kind that tell you who won the Vote the night you leave the polling place). If we do a recount, then it could take a month and everyone will get bored and disinterested. Then when the Republicans claim victorious (after “losing” 5 or 6 thousand Dem ballots) the people won’t care. If that happens we should take to the streets!! Everyone, in every state. We cannot let them steal our votes again!

I just checked Ali Edward’s site. Her husband has won a seat as a State Rep. So happy for them!

Well, it’s back to work and back to poll watching! Keep your fingers crossed.