Let me start by saying that I vote. I vote for every election be it presidential, local or special. But I have had enough. I feel like every time I turn around it is time to vote for something. What happened to the days of voting every two years? But now, we have a lovely governor who made a special election last year, we had a special recall election for governor, we had to vote in the primaries, and now it’s election time next week.

I just came home from a short outing and had 5 messages telling me to vote  yes on props 1a-1d, vote yes on prop 86, vote for John Garamendi, vote for Diane Feinstein. Should I feel special that Bill Clinton, Diane Feinstein and Mayor Villaraigosa called me today? No, I am fed up! I am bombarded with tv commercials, radio commercials, mailings and now these people are calling my phone! How did they get my phone number?? It’s almost enough to make me not vote. Almost.
Just kidding, I would never do that. So my message for today is to not listen to me and get out there and vote.