Here we come! leslie-convention.jpg Brandy and I went to the scrapbook expo today in Ontario. Ontario, California that is. Not nearly as exotic as you think, but there was fun to be had by all. We didn’t take any classes, unfortunately, but we stopped at a few fun make n’ takes and did plenty of shopping. We stood in line for an hour at the Lil Davis $1 blow out. Got myself a few goodies. But the best find was the book Full Circle, for 2 bucks. That’s right. 2 bucks. There is some serious artwork going on in this book. Can’t wait to try my hand at a new circle journal. I think my sister’s going to send one my way soon. That’s Brandy standing in line.

There are some crazy ladies at scrapbook conventions I tell you. Pushing and shoving, buying 15 sets of foam stamps, all in all, it’s like shopping on the day after Thanksgiving.
Then to get into the Halloween mood, the two of us went to the Alex, where James got us tickets to see Vincent Price’s “House on Haunted Hill”. If you’ve never seen it, you have got to go put it on your Netflix list. Price really knows how to deliver a line. brandy-convention.jpg