challenge1a.jpgI made this tonight for my forum. I got the idea in my head this afternoon, then tonight – bam! I just shelled it out. Then I collaged a monogram. Then I made a card. I couldn’tt believe it. Usually it takes me all night just to decide what I want to do. But tonight, I took a tip from my idol, Elsie Flannigan, and just started gluing things down. I am really proud of it too. I usually don’t like journaling, but I guess things are changing….It was inspired by a quote by Emerson, “I don’t like quotes. Tell me what you know.” Too funny.

Excerpt: “What do I know? I know that James loves me. I know that God exists. I know my family misses me. I know I have slobbish tendencies. I know I love America’s Next Top Model. I know I have a love/hate relationship with my handwriting….”